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There are numerous causes to invest in a condo. However, no such action shall be maintained against the declarant until a written assertion by the claimant or his agent, legal professional or consultant, of the character of the alleged defect has been sent to the declarant, by registered or licensed mail, at his last recognized deal with, as mirrored within the records of the Widespread Interest Group Board, more than six months prior to the graduation of the motion giving the declarant a chance to remedy the alleged defect within an affordable time, not to exceed 5 months.condo

(g) Wherever this section requires a legal description by metes and bounds of land that is submitted to this chapter or that may be added to or withdrawn from the condominium, an added requirement shall be a separate legally ample description of all lands during which the unit house owners shall or could also be tenants in common or joint tenants with another persons, and a separate legally sufficient description of all lands during which the unit house owners shall or could also be life tenants.condo

The condominium devices shall be construed together and shall be deemed to incorporate each other to the extent that any requirement of this chapter as to the content of 1 shall be deemed glad if the deficiency might be cured by reference to any of the others.

Another variation of this concept is the “time share”, although not all time shares are condominiums, and not all time shares involve actual possession of (i.e., deeded title to) actual property. The bylaws shall also specify which, if any, of its powers and obligations the unit homeowners’ affiliation or its government organ may delegate to a managing agent.condo

E. Inside forty five days after the formation of the committee, the declarant shall deliver to the chair of the committee (i) a replica of the most recent obtainable approved plans and specs for all improvements within the mission or as-construct plans if out there; (ii) all association insurance insurance policies which might be currently in pressure; (iii) any written unexpired warranties of the contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and producers applicable to the condominium; and (iv) a listing of manufacturers of paints, roofing materials, and different related supplies if specified to be used on the condominium property.