What to Consider When Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Maybe you want to fetch the highest possible price for your property and sell it as quickly as you can. Perhaps you’re looking to buy your dream home in Primrose Hill or find a luxury property to rent in Maida Vale. In any such situation, an outstanding agent can help you reach your goal.

But how do you know you can trust a particular real estate professional? All you have to do is analyse the areas below.


The most basic question is the following: How much experience does a real estate agent have? How old is his or her office? In either case, five years should be your absolute minimum.


Next, can a certain agent offer you the time that you deserve? If he or she has too many other clients, you might not get the attention you’d like.

Also, is this person an expert in the kind of transaction you’ll be making? For instance, if you’re looking for a luxury property to rent in Belsize Park, your agent should have helped many others find their ideal apartments in Belsize Park.


You should be able to build a healthy working relationship with your real estate agent. Do you feel comfortable conversing with this person? Does he or she seem to respect you?

If you’re seeking, say, a luxury property to rent in Marylebone, is this agent willing to answer every question about Marylebone that you have, or does this person try to rush you?

Security and Trust

Before you settle on any agent, you’ll want to do a little homework. Check with the appropriate government agencies to make sure the people you’re considering haven’t been disciplined for ethics violations. Internet reviews and client references will likewise give you insight into their quality.

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