The Difference Between Probate Leads & Inheritance Listings

If you understand the benefit of obtaining leads for your real estate business, then you have probably purchased both probate leads and an inheritance list. These are very different, primarily because of the information that is provided. One of them is more valuable than the other. When you have probate leads, you are actually given the name and contact information for the executor of the will. This is the person that is literally in charge of distributing the assets of the deceased. When you get an inheritance list, or inheritance leads, this is a list of the people that stand to potentially gain something in a will after a person’s death. Let’s look at the differences between the two of these, and then show you how you can use either of these to find a profitable house to buy.

What Are Probate Leads

Probate leads are going to give you information about the many different executors of wills that are out there today. They are more valuable simply because you are contacting the person who is in charge. This could be a family member that was designated as the executor of the will, and they will likely have control of all of the assets. Therefore, if you contact this individual, you are directly talking with a person that can make business decisions and potentially sell you a home that they are responsible for now.

What Are Inheritance Leads?

These are leads that are very different from probate leads. You are essentially getting a list of people that may or may not inherit something. Therefore, you don’t even know if one of these people is going to get a house. It might be kept by the person that is the executor of the will. That is why these are less expensive. You will have to send information out to all of the people on this list, most of which may not have anything that you would want to purchase. Therefore, if you want to benefit from purchasing leads, when comparing the two, probate leads are going to be the best.

How To Use Probate Leads To Your Advantage

The most advantageous way to use probate leads is to contact these people immediately. It is actually one of the many different types of leads where getting them as fast as possible is helpful. These people are often wondering what they are going to do with a property that they may now own, but it is thousands of miles away. By making them an offer, or at least telling them that you are someone that can purchase the house from them, you are placing yourself in a very good position.

Where Can You Get Probate Leads

There are so many companies that generate leads on a regular basis. You should be able to find three or four companies on the Internet that are considered to be the most reputable. They will have testimonials from people just like you that are buying real estate, and they may have had success. By contacting these businesses, or at least visiting their website to see how much they are charging, you can place an order and see what becomes of this list that you will receive.

Can You Generate Your Own Probate Leads

It is possible for you to generate your own probate leads. You have to structure your campaigns properly. The other possibility is that you can place an advertisement in a local paper. They may see that advertisement and give you a call. It’s much more difficult to create online lead generation campaigns because you will have to target very specific keywords that are related to people that would be executors of the will. However, with the right keywords, or the right demographics, these could lead to purchasing a very valuable home for less.

Is There Any Reason To Get Inheritance Leads?

There is one reason that you should consider getting inheritance leads. There is the probability that the executor of the will is not the one that is getting these properties. They are distributing them, and even though they have control over the property of the deceased now, once everything is distributed, it will go to some of these people. One of them may be the individual that will get the home. However, that means you will have to send out multiple letters, or multiple emails, to all of these individuals. It reduces your chances of targeting the right person, but it still gives you the ability to contact potential candidates for buying homes at a very low price.

Should You Consider Getting Both Of These Types Of Leads?

You should consider getting both types of leads for the reasons that have been stated. Even though the inheritance leads are not as specific, it still gives you the ability to contact people that will be willing to sell to you. There is a strategy and marketing which states that massive action actually leads to massive results. By sending out all of these emails, or letters to these individuals, you will increase your chances of potentially getting a home that could be the best deal of the year.

Now that you know the difference between probate leads and inheritance leads, you can see the benefits of each one. If you want to target the executor of the will, then you will want to get probate leads. This could be beneficial because they are the ones that are in charge of the assets of the deceased loved one. If they do not live near the home, and they are the ones that will inherit the house, then they might be willing to sell. On the other hand, if you send out multiple letters and emails to those on the inheritance list, if the executor of the will is not the one that gets the house, it might be one of these individuals that will also want to sell it for money as quickly as possible. Based upon all of this information, it is clear that getting leads for both probate and inheritance from foreclosures daily, are going to be potentially beneficial. You should find a lead generation company that can help you, or you could try to generate these leads on your own.